Critical Illness

With the right protection, your only concern will be to get well. Over one third of Canadians will be affected by a critical illness like cancer, stroke or heart attack. Critical illness insurance can help you survive the financial consequences during recovery or while undergoing treatment for a serious illness.

Critical illness or long term care – which is right for you?

We’ve compared our long term care and critical illness plans to help you understand the similarities and differences.

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Protect your lifestyle and life savings

Because recovery times from a critical illness such as cancer, heart attack, bypass surgery or a stroke can be long, the expenses not covered by your provincial health plans could reach tens of thousands of dollars or more. The financial implications could be devastating. Critical illness insurance is designed to help you survive the financial consequences of a serious illness.

Tax-free cash payments

Upon diagnosis of a covered illness

Plans are customizable

Designed to meet your specific needs

Use benefits how you want

For income replacement or other needs

You select your coverage

Including illnesses and benefit levels

Our program partner MyDignity represents multiple providers, and shops the market to find the ideal solution for you. Skilled personal support is provided during the claims process, and while transitioning from critical illness insurance to long term care insurance. They even make house calls!

With a critical illness, recovery should be your top priority.


Speak with a critical illness insurance professional

Whether you’d like a no-obligation quotation or more information, call and let MyDignity explain your options and help select coverage and benefits that suit your needs and budget: 1.800.929.6606.

Program Partner: MyDignity

Insurance policies administered by MyDignity Inc.

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