Increased Coverage for COVID-19 Related Expenses

Emergency medical coverage up to $1,000,000 CDN per insured is available now with our Specialized COVID-19 Pandemic Travel Plan

The McLennan Group Travel Insurance offers coverage for COVID-19 related expenses for out-of-country travel, including countries with a Government of Canada Level 3 Travel Advisory related to COVID-19. Coverage and limits are shown below, and sample policy wordings are posted on this page for you to review.

For rates and to discuss your options, call our licensed specialists toll-free at: 1.866.566.1461.

We trust this is good news for those who choose to travel during the pandemic, and great news for those who HAVE to travel for family reasons or because of seasonal properties.


Emergency Medical Coverage for COVID-19 and related conditions after a positive test result while at your destination, including Emergency Air Transport to return you home.

Up to $1,000,000 CDN per insured person.
If you have Manulife COVID-19 coverage through your airline, see below.

Quarantine expenses after a positive COVID-19 test result, denied entry or for contact tracing while at your destination.

$150 CDN per day up to $2,100 CDN per person, or $300 CDN per day up to $4,200 CDN per family (to a maximum of 14 days).

Level 3 Travel Advisory upgraded to a Level 4 Travel Advisory by the Canadian Government.

To a combined $500 CDN per person for return airfare, meals and accommodations.

Emergency Medical Coverage not associated with COVID-19.

Up to $5,000,000 CDN per insured person.

† Emergency medical coverage can be combined with the Manulife COVID-19 emergency medical insurance that is being offered by a number of Canadian airlines for international travel of up to 21 days. Certain terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions apply, see airline website and policy for details.

The McLennan Group Life Insurance Inc. strongly encourages you to adhere to the recommendations of the Government of Canada and medical professionals around the world during these uncertain times.

Our COVID-19 Travel Plan Can Only Be Purchased By Telephone

Our licensed travel insurance specialists can offer a no-obligation quote, explain your options, answer your coverage questions, and help you with your purchase, all by phone in just minutes.

Call toll-free: 1.866.566.1461 Monday to Friday 8:30am to 8:00pm, Saturday until 5:00pm EST.

TRAVEL UPDATES: Click for the Government of Canada’s COVID-19 Travel Advisories.

How COVID-19 Affects our Current Travel Choice 2 Single-Trip and Multi-Trip Emergency Medical Plans

$10 million coverage when travel advisories are lifted

Our Travel Choice 2 Single-Trip and Multi-Trip Emergency Medical Plans do cover expenses related to COVID-19 for in-Canada travel. And while you can buy emergency medical coverage for out-of-country travel, due to the Government of Canada Level 3 Travel Advisory to Avoid Non-Essential Travel to ALL international destinations, currently there are exclusions in place for expenses related to COVID-19. There are also exclusions in place for all Trip Cancellation & Interruption Insurance policies, whether you're travelling in Canada or to an international destination.

When the Government’s Travel Advisories are lifted, COVID-19 related expenses WILL be covered by our Travel Choice 2 out-of-country emergency medical policies up to a maximum of $10 million CDN.

NOTE: the current rates for our Travel Choice 2 Single-Trip and Multi-Trip Emergency Medical Plans are in effect at least until May 31, 2021 so you can wait and buy when you’re comfortable to travel. After you buy, there’s no penalty if you change your travel dates prior to departure.

Travelling during the pandemic? Do your due diligence!

We know that because the government’s Level 3 Advisory is not a travel ban, some Canadians will choose to travel abroad. If you plan to travel out-of-country, please read the government advisories so you know the risks. For example, even with insurance coverage for COVID-19 related expenses, it could be difficult to access vital medical services outside of Canada during the pandemic. To help you stay informed, Government of Canada Travel Advisories and advice are posted in the banner above.

The McLennan Group is working to protect Canadians 50-plus.

Travelling to another Canadian province?

You should have travel insurance.

Government health insurance plans do NOT cover all medical expenses you may incur while travelling in Canada. The reciprocal agreement is only equal to the coverage available in your home province or territory. And it differs across Canada.

Some health plans will not cover ambulances, specialists, x-rays, emergency dental or prescription drugs out of your province or territory of residence. And there are exclusions for all non-medical expenses, including travel expenses associated with trip interruption.

Admittedly, travelling within Canada without insurance is not nearly as financially risky as venturing out-of-country without coverage, but incurred costs could still be substantial. Consider that an air ambulance back to your home province can cost as much as $20,000.

Click Here to learn what may or may not be paid for outside your home province or territory.