Home Care Assistance

A better strategy for the day you can no longer care for yourself. While over 70% of Canadians 65-plus will ultimately require future care due to aging, accident or illness, government funding for home care is limited. Home Care Assistance lets you receive the care you need in the comfort of your own home.


Making a claim

If you need to make a claim, MyDignity is here to help. For all long term care plans - whether you have Home Care Assistance or a traditional long term care insurance product - you need to meet certain qualifications in order to be eligible for benefits. In order to initiate a claim, the trigger points are either:

Physical dependency

You are considered physically dependent when you are unable to perform two out of the six activities of daily living – eating, bathing, transferring, dressing, toileting, loss of bladder or bowel continence.

Cognitive dependency

You are considered cognitively dependent when you are no longer able to think and reason for yourself – losing the ability to reason, perceive, think, reflect or remember.

Prompt, responsible claims payment is MyDignity’s primary concern. If you feel you or your loved one meets the eligibility criteria, the first step in the claims process is to speak with one of MyDignity’s customer service consultants.


Step one

Call 1.800.929.6606. Speak with one of MyDignity’s customer service consultants, who will explain the entire process and review the initial information required from you, including the required forms you must complete and submit to begin your claim.

Step two

Complete the required forms and paperwork. These forms include an Attending Physician Statement that is to be completed and signed by your personal physician. It is even recommended that all the completed forms be returned to MyDignity for verification and processing. MyDignity will liaise with you or your Power of Attorney, and act as your advocate with the insurance carriers.

Step three

MyDignity will help ensure everything is in order. They’ll provide you with the proper claim form, verify that all information on your completed form is correct, and then submit your claim directly to the insurance carrier.


Take control of your future care

Whether you’d like a no-obligation quotation or more information, call and let MyDignity explain your options, then design a coverage solution that best meets your needs and budget: 1.800.929.6606.

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