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Claim of the Month - Grape Toxicity

Condition: Grape Toxicity
Pet: Nori* a 12-month-old Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

ACTUAL CLAIM PAID: $2,056.79**


Nori was being looked after by a pet sitter while her family were away in Europe. Her eagle-eyed caretaker spotted Nori eating what they thought was 1-2 handfuls of grapes. Prudently, they brought her to the emergency veterinarian right away.

The toxicity of grapes can be unpredictable, so the emergency veterinarian induced vomiting immediately. What was suspected to be a couple of handfuls turned out to be more than 60 grapes!


Grapes, raisins, and some currents have been known to cause toxic effects in dogs. The exact compound in grapes that causes illness is unknown, but recently, tartaric acid has been suspected. The dose of grapes that triggers illness has not been determined; some dogs that eat a lot of grapes never get sick, while others that eat just one or two have become severely ill. Ingestion of a large number of grapes is more likely to cause severe illness…but not every case follows this rule. It is known that the concentration of tartaric acid varies with the grape’s variety, growing conditions, and ripeness. Dried raisins and currents have a higher concentration of tartaric acid than fresh grapes.

The clinical signs of grape toxicity include vomiting and diarrhea, which can progress to acute kidney failure and neurological signs. Abdominal pain, appetite loss, changes in urination volume, lethargy, weakness, and staggering may be observed. 1-2 days after grape ingestion, an increase in blood nitrogen signals the kidney injury. Grape toxicity can be fatal if not treated promptly and aggressively.


Because the toxic dose of grapes cannot be pinpointed, all dogs must be treated for the “worst case scenario” when ingestion is known or even suspected.

Upon admission, Nori was given an injection of apomorphine to induce vomiting, therefore removing as much grape material from the stomach as possible. She was then given activated charcoal, which binds certain toxins and prevents absorption into the blood stream.

Blood was collected immediately to establish Nori’s baseline (healthy) kidney function. This allowed the veterinary team to monitor for any changes periodically over the next 3 days…keeping an eye out for signs of kidney injury.

Nori was then placed on IV fluids for the next 48 hours. Aggressive fluid therapy is performed to dilute any absorbed toxins, and speed the clearance of toxic compounds from the blood in an attempt to protect the kidneys.

Fortunately, and because of the quick actions of Nori’s caregivers and veterinary team, Nori never developed any signs of toxicity or kidney injury. Decontamination measures were successful, and Nori was discharged in excellent condition after 48 hours of hospital care and monitoring.


Pets Plus Us pack member Nori needed $2,285.32 in veterinary care following her culinary adventure with grapes. Her family was reimbursed $2,056.79 through their Pets Plus Us Accident and Illness More plan.

Stick to the milk bones from now on, Nori!

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