Small Business

It’s easy to obtain hassle-free insurance protection for your small business. We’re proud to partner with TruShield Insurance, to provide easy and affordable small business insurance solutions for your business’ property and contents, company vehicles and your day-to-day operations.

Small Business Coverage

TruShield Insurance Solutions can help protect:

  • Commercial General Liability
  • Commercial property
  • Your bottom line
  • You against crime
  • Company vehicles
  • Your home office


For small business owners like you

If you’re an entrepreneur and small business owner, it’s important for you to obtain the right insurance protection against losses that could threaten your operations.

Through industry-leading expertise, TruShield Insurance helps small business owners manage their risk. With coverage tailored to your unique needs and policies written in language you’ll understand, TruShield helps protect the small business you’ve worked so hard to build:

Shops & retail

Home-based businesses

Commercial property owners

Professional services

Health services

Skilled trades & contractors

To enhance your coverage, TruShield includes a number of value-added services* with your policy:

  • Trauma Assist® offers access to counseling and other services for you and any of your employees who may have suffered an insured traumatic loss.
  • Risk Management Assist* offers invaluable insights on how you can reduce your exposure to risk.
  • Legal Assist Services* provides access to legal assistance for matters affecting your business; includes a telephone legal helpline, document review and drafting services, and customizable legal templates.

Along with your business insurance needs, TruShield can protect your employees. Their group health plan is perfect for small businesses with one or more employees and includes medical, life, dental, disability, and critical illness coverage.

And for your personal needs, The McLennan Group Insurance Inc. offers the coverage to protect the wheels beneath your feet and the roof over your head.

Find out how TruShield can help protect your small business.


Protection designed for small business owners like you

Whether you’d like a no-obligation quotation or more information, call and let TruShield answer your questions, explain your options, and offer a coverage solution that best meets your needs and budget 1.844.795.7977.

Program Partner: TruShield

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