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Snowbird and 50-Plus Traveller Tips

If you choose to travel during the pandemic, please do your due diligence to help protect yourself. Because the Government of Canada’s Level 3 Travel Advisory is not a ban, we know that some will travel abroad. If you plan to travel out-of-country, read the government advisories so you know the risks. IE: even with coverage for COVID-19 related expenses, it could be difficult to access vital medical services outside of Canada during the pandemic.

Click Here to read the Government of Canada’s COVID-19 Travel Advisories and advice.

Travel, home and auto insurance should never be considered as “get it and forget it” products. This is especially true for snowbirds. Along with changing protection needs, there could be limitations in place, or conditions that must be adhered to for coverage to be valid.

Take time to confirm your insurance requirements, the terms and conditions of your policies, and your responsibilities. It can be a costly mistake to assume you’re covered. If you have questions, check with your insurance provider before you leave for vacation!

Auto Insurance


  • Contact your insurance company. Let them know how long you’ll be in the U.S., and where you’ll be staying.
  • Consider increasing your liability limit on your auto insurance. Claims in the U.S can be expensive due to exchange rates, higher damage awards and increased lawsuits.
  • Depending on how much time you spend living in your RV in the United States, it may be considered a home as well as a vehicle, and therefore in need of special coverage. Check with your insurance provider for direction.


  • Coverage for damage caused by frozen pipes has conditions if your home is unoccupied during the heating season. For example, your policy might require that you have someone check your house if you’re away more than four days. Some policies even require your home to be inspected DAILY if you’re away more than four days in the regular heating season.
  • Check with your insurance provider for policy details and your obligations - before you leave!